2012/08/02 UPDATE


Service 2012/08/02

Upload error: how to solve

We are currently experiencing a technical issue with its image file upload functionality whereby users are shown a blank screen and are unable to upload their images.


This problem tends to occur when uploading high resolution images (higher than 200 to 300dpi) during times of concentrated access. We are currently working on a solution to this problem. In the meantime please use the following methods to work around this issue.

If you experience problems uploading files in My Portfolio:
Set the image to a resolution of 72dpi and try uploading again.

If you experience problems uploading files in My Downloads:
Compress the image file into a *.zip format, and create a separate thumbnail image with a resolution of 72dpi. Then upload both files simultaneously.

If the problem is not resolved using one of the methods above, please contact us using this form.