2012/03/07 UPDATE


Event 2012/03/07

Digital Fabrication Cafe “FabCafe” Opens on March 7, 2012

On March 7, 2012, Loftwork Inc (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Mitsuhiro Suwa, CEO) and Toshiya Fukuda (CEO, 777 Interactive) opened FabCafe, Japan’s first cafe centering on digital fabrication with a laser cutter.*1

◆What is FabCafe?

“Fab”, the “fabrication revolution” movement has been spreading around the world. Fab has a double meaning: “FABrication”, not limited by the logic of mass production and markets, as well as “FABulous”. The FAB network now extends to over 50 locations in 20 countries around the world (as of April 2011)*2

FabCafe is a space that conveys the FAB spirit in a fun, delicious and easy to understand way. In the center of Shibuya, an area overflowing with youthful energy, we provide a space where people can enjoy making things in an exciting environment furnished with a variety of digital fabrication tools, including a laser cutter.

“What do you Fab?”

FabCafe offers Fab experiences. Everything from iPhone covers, greeting cards, accessories, chairs, lighting to even homes can be made through Fab. At opening, FabCafe will offer the following items. 

*FAB Goods available for now

・”What Do You Fab? Series”
 Fab items created through everyone’s experiments.
・”A World in A Sheet Series”
 Items that explore the possibilities of 3D creations from a single sheet.
・”FabCafe Original Series”
 FabCafe’s standard design items.

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*1 FabCafe LLP:
FabCafe is presented by FabCafe LLP which is founded by Toshiya Fukuda and Loftwork.inc.

*2 Fab Network:
In his book Fab, The Coming Revolution on Your Desktop – From Personal Computers to Personal Fabrication, MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) professor Neil Gershenfeld proposed the Fab concept. Since then, a network of open studios called FabLabs, where normal citizens can engage with high tech fabrication tools, has formed across the globe. Learn more at FabLab Japan ( http://fablabjapan.org )