2011/07/01 UPDATE


Event 2011/07/01

Let’s get cool T-shirts by using CC lisence on your work

Creative Commons Polska CC-BY

Creative Commons Polska | CC-BY

There is a marketing campaign in place offering a chance to win T-shirts with the „Wkręć Się i Zacznij Tworzyć” logo (a remix of the Get Excited and Make Things graphic by Matt Jones, a CC NC-BY-SA licensed design), if you set “something” you create and post with a creative commons license (CC license) by July 10.

Anything you create is subject to this campaign, including graphics, illustrations, photos, music, blogs, web pages; anything is OK.

To win the T-shirts, please send the links to kamil@creativecommons.pl, together with preferred T-shirt size, by midnight (CET) on 10th of July.

By the way, you can set a creative commons license to your work on lotwork dot com.
Use this chance to share your work openly with a creative commons license!

For more details, please visit here (Creative Commons Polska’s site)