2010/08/15 UPDATE


Service 2010/08/15

An important announcement about the beta website

Thank you for using loftwork. What follows is an important announcement concerning the opening of the beta website.

About moving accounts

The new site will start as a beta website, and operate parallel to the current site. In order to allow all creators to get used to the new site, we have set up a 2 month transfer period from August 17th to October 17th 2010. During this time you will need to finish a procedure to transfer your account from the current site to the new site (beta). >>Click here for account transfer procedures

Updates on the old site will not be reflected after 8/13 (Friday)

Updates to portfolios, blogs, or storage (downloads) made on the old site after August 13th 2010 (Friday) will not be reflected on the new site. We encourage all updates after 8/17 to be made on the new site. Also, after the end of the transfer period on 10/18 the URL for the new site will become http://www.awrd.com.

An announcement concerning private storage

Along with the renewal of the website, storage service is coming to an end. You will no longer be able to use the “private storage” function on the new site. We request that you move any data currently stored in private storage by 10/17 (Monday). Data currently stored in “public storage” will be taken over by the “Download” function on the new site.

We understand that these changes may cause some initial discomfort, but we humbly request your understanding and cooperation.