2010/08/15 UPDATE


Service 2010/08/15

awrd.com is now in open beta!

The time has finally come! Creator Portal “Loftwork.com Beta” is finally in open beta!
After 3 years, this 7th redesign brings the bilingualization of the website into reality with the theme “Challenge with Your Creative”, challenging you to take on the world with your creativity. Additionally, the previous portfolio, download, and blog functions have been completely updated to strengthen openness and social media functionality.

To those who already have a Loftwork account:

Loftwork.com Beta will be in concurrent operation with the old site until October 19. Additionally, in order to use the new site, users who have already registered with Loftwork.com are required to complete the account transfer process. The transfer process takes about 5 minutes to complete. Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated.
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To those without an account:

As a general rule you can view all works that creators have made public on the Loftwork site. However, account registration is required to use the portfolio and blog functions and perform actions such as posting comments on works and sending messages to creators.
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Three aspects of the redesign:

1. Sending creativity throughout the world through bilingualization.
Through bilingual compatibility, it is now possible to accept overseas creators. From this point on, Loftwork.com will be a place for meetings and collaborations where creators from Japan and Asia are brought together with the world.

2. The portfolio and download sections are smarter and more social.
Updating and viewing works is now even smarter. It is now possible to post on websites such as Twitter and Facebook right from the work page.

3. Send multiple types of information with the WordPress blog.
WordPress, the blog tool that boasts the top share of the world market and its add-on BuddyPress have been built into the website . Creators have the ability to possess multiple WordPerss blogs, and in the future a design customize function will be available.
(Design customization is planned to be implemented in April of 2011)