2011/12/24 UPDATE



    [ Competition 2011/10/14 ]

    Just launched ‘Roooots Redesign Project’

    In Echigo-Tsumai, a Collaboration between Creative Designers and Local Specialty Products Manufacturers October 12, with the sponsorship of the Oochi Arts Festival Committee (Niigata Prefecture, Tookamachi City, Tsunamachi), the Roooots local specialty redesign project 2012 was launched on awrd.com.…

    [ Event 2011/07/01 ]

    Let’s get cool T-shirts by using CC lisence on your work

    [caption id="attachment_5615" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Creative Commons Polska | CC-BY"][/caption]There is a marketing campaign in place offering a chance to win T-shirts with the „Wkręć Się i Zacznij Tworzyć” logo (a remix of the Get Excited and Make Things graphic by Matt Jones, a…

    [ Service 2011/04/07 ]

    Tohoku-Kanto Earthquake and Site operation

    We would like to express our sincere condolences to the victims of the Great Tohoku Kanto Earthquake and their families.All awrd.com creators, we know that some of you are probably very worried about friends, relatives and acquaintances that have not yet been accounted for.We also think that you are…