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    [TIPS 2011/10/12 ]

    Six Approaches to Making It In The Illustration Business

    How do you find work as an illustrator?For people with their sights set on becoming an illustrator, the most difficult problems to becoming a pro are knowing where to start doing illustration work, and what levels of self-selling/solicitation are required.Freelance illustrators also wonder how other…

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    [TIPS 2011/04/26 ]

    Fundamental Methods for Writing Headlines Using Design Thinking that Draw Readers to Modern 2011 Web Writing

    Copywriter, director, and Rockaku president Mr. Tetsuo Morita held an event in collaboration with the Japanese edition of Lifehacker entitled “2011 Web Writing using Design Thinking,” the content of which generated a great deal of responses. When speaking of writing there is a tendency to think of i…