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    [INTERVIEWS 2011/05/13 ]

    [INTERVIEW] AR 3BROTHERS: Let’s have fun with AR from now on

    From markerless technology to the reproduction of smells?In a time when it is no longer acceptable to say “I don’t know”, we talk about the AR of today and the future.Have you heard of the term “Augmented Reality”?Before we explain what it means, please watch the following video first.AR3Bros episod…

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    [INTERVIEWS 2010/08/16 ]

    Message from loftwork

    awrd.com Ver7.0 toward the EvolutionMitsuhiro Suwa / loftwork Inc. co-founder CEO[caption id="attachment_487" align="alignleft" width="240" caption="Mitsuhiro Suwa"][/caption]awrd.com started in 2000. Almost 11 years have passed since then (amazing!). Our website might be one of the oldest web servi…