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    [DOWNLOADS 2011/10/19 ]

    MeMO Design Competition

    We are gathering desktop memo template designs that also convey funAt awrd.com, we provide a download function as one method for connecting the works of our creators with the people who need them. Through this function, a variety of creations such as PC wallpaper and design tumblers change hands and…

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    [DOWNLOADS 2011/07/01 ]

    Create your own tumbler Design Collection in Summer | Download Free

    Introducing new insert designs for your tumbler.There are more and more people who walk around carrying drinks during a hot summer in order to avoid heatstroke.Having a tumbler with you allows you to do so many great things!● You can drink your favorite drink anywhere and at any time. ● It keeps col…

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    [DOWNLOADS 2011/06/10 ]

    OFF Project: Submit YOUR uchiwa design to cool Japan!

    Uchiwa Top | See All | Submit your Uchiwa Design | How to Use? | What’s “OFF Project”? Support power saving this summer with your designAs we approach summer, it is necessary to be creative in cooling ourselves off while saving power.While thinking about ways to cool off without using energy, loftwo…

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    [DOWNLOADS 2011/04/07 ]

    OFF Project “Creativity in Support of Power Saving” Recruitment/Tohoku-Pacific Earthquake Special Planning

    Deliver a message of power saving across Japan with your artFollowing the Tohoku-Pacific Earthquake on March 11, the amount of electricity being delivered to the Tokyo area fell precipitously, and power saving became necessary across the country, with a focus on the capital region.That’s where your…