Questions About Downloads

The download option can be used when you want people to download your works freely.
On the page to upload works, if you select Download as the content type, then you can see a list of all your downloads.

How do I add works to the download menu?

      Adding works to the download menu is done in the exact same way in which you upload things to your portfolio.


      For more information, please have a look at the questions about portfolio.


      * Please note that file uploads over 10MB can sometimes fail. Please be mindful of the file size when uploading .ai and .psd files.


      Thumbnails of uploaded works are not generated.

When uploading ZIP and PDF files from Upload > File, note that thumbnails will not be generated. Please upload separate thumbnail images.

You download a thumbnail when trying to upload an image file to My Downloads

So, you have uploaded image files and thumbnail image files such as wallpaper to My Downloads, and when you attempt to download the data, for some reason the thumbnail files are downloaded instead of the full data.
Here’s what you do to solve this problem:

Do not use the same file extension for the uploaded file as you did for the thumbnail image file.

When you upload an image file such as wallpaper, if you use the same file extension as the thumbnail image file, the thumbnail image file will be downloaded.
When that happens, use image editing software such as Photoshop or Fireworks to reformat the file so that it is a different format to the uploaded thumbnail image, and save it in the new format and then upload it again, so as to avoid the thumbnail image file being downloaded.

Here’s an example:

Error occurs when you have files like this:
uploaded file: kabegami.jpg
thumbnail file: kabegami-thumbnail.jpg

To fix the problem, change file format to this:
uploaded file: kabegami.jpg
thumbnail file: kabegami-thumbnail.gif

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