Questions about Twitter

How do show Tweets on my profile page?

Twitter account holders can do the following if connect their Twitter account with their profile.

1. Display a Twitter feed on your profile page.
2. Add a Twitter button to your profile page to link to your Twitter feed.
3. Add a Tweet button to one of your works, which provides a shortcut to Twitter.
4. Post on Twitter at the same time as on your Downloads or Portfolio pages.

How do I link up to Twitter?

There are two ways in which you can display the Twitter settings.
*Please note that you will not be able to create a link if you are not logged into your Twitter account.

1. Link up via the Header Menu Bar

Click My Settings, Profile, and then click on the Social Connect tab. If you click on Link to your Twitter account tab, then you have successfully linked to your Twitter account.

2. Link from your Profile Page

Click on the Twitter icon on your Profile page.

How do I remove the link to my Twitter account?

To revoke access to your Twitter account, simply click on Settings, Connections , followed by the Loftwork revoke access link.

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